Noushin Nourizadeh (Nicole)

Specializing in commercial, fine arts, landscape, food, event and portrait photography, with extensive expertise in photo enhancement

About the Artist
Noushin Nourizadeh was born to be an artist, even though as a young girl she attended school and studied accounting.  “I was caught so many times sketching on the sides of my accounting books that my instructors always told to me I was sitting in the wrong class,” she laughs.  “They said I should have been majoring in arts rather than business and accounting.”  But it wasn’t until the age of 19 that she took her instructors’ words to heart.  Moving to Philadelphia, Noushin enrolled in college and took a life-changing step, beginning a course of study in her true passion- art and design.  She learned, grew, and ultimately earned her Bachelors of Fine Art degree, majoring in Graphic Design. 

Noushin thrived in the atmosphere of exploration and creativity at The College of New Jersey and discovered another facet to her passion, an enthusiasm for photography.  Her extensive background in graphic design served as the foundation of her understanding of the fundamentals of composition, space, colors, perspective and lighting.  But it is her personal artistic sensibility that influences how these factors can be used in the creation of her arresting photographic images. 

“I became interested in photography at a very young age,” she explains.  But her interest turned to passion as she began to master the art and science of taking pictures such as darkroom processing, hand printing, and the pleasure of creating both color and black and white imagery.

While in college and soon after graduation, Noushin worked part time as a professional photo assistant and photo enhancer. “I’ll always be grateful for the experience and education I got working with Bill Nyman, a professional fine art and commercial photographer based in Philadelphia,” she says, acknowledging her early mentor.

In 2010, April she re-located to the West Coast where she pursues her interests in both design and photography “The natural beauty of San Diego inspires me, I can simply step outside my door to capture a magnificent sunset.”

About the Art
Noushin invites others to share in what she calls her ‘subjective reality,’ an artful combination of representative photography overlaid with her personal style.  “I like to go beyond the reality of my photographs,” she explains, “to make the viewer think and feel and experience a wide range of thoughts and emotions...not just ‘look’ at a picture.”

Noushin’s fine art photography is available for sale and also for commercial licensing.  All images on this site are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without express written consent from the artist.

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Also feel free to contact her with any questions at: 215.353.3212